Atlas Box Reduces Energy Consumption by 55%


February 6, 2013 by Linda Hardesty

Atlas Box & Crating Company and Groom Energy are implementing multi-measure energy efficiency retrofits at two Atlas facilities totaling nearly 1 million square feet, in Sutton, Mass.
Collectively, the upgrades will reduce the total energy consumption at these locations by 1.25 million kWh or 55 percent of their total energy consumption.
Atlas engaged Groom Energy to perform building energy assessments looking for energy savings opportunities. Following their recommendations, Groom Energy engineers completed upgrades in compressed air, LED lighting and vending machine energy controls. Atlas and Groom Energy are next planning HVAC related improvements that include adding variable frequency drives to ventilation systems and intelligent controls for packaged rooftop units.
For Atlas’s interior warehouse lighting, installed intelligent LED lighting, replacing existing fluorescent lighting that had no control system capabilities. The new system enables occupancy-based lighting in both facilities, reducing energy by operating only when necessary and enabling Atlas to track and manage the system through Digital Lumens’ LightRules software.

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