CPS Energy Retrofits 20,000 Street Lamps to LED


LED Luminaires will replace over 20,000 high-pressure sodium (HPS) street lamps in San Antonio, Texas.
CPS Energy selected LED products that will be communications-enabled, allowing for connection to the Smart Grid and other communications technologies.
San Antonio’s pre-existing 250-watt HPS luminaires consume 310 system watts and are being replaced by LED luminaires.
Conventional HPS luminaires produce a low color rendering, which may make it difficult to discern true colors of cars or surroundings, whereas LED luminaires produce a more accurate color rendering. Additionally, LED luminaires produce superior light uniformity, which means the light is directed where it’s needed with less light loss or misdirected light and more uniform light levels with better average to minimum footcandles, as compared to HPS luminaires. The monochromatic nature of HPS also makes the ability to detect contrast difficult. This affects a driver’s ability to see small objects or obstructions on the road, which could represent a safety hazard.
The LED Luminaire is a direct replacement for high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting, such as HPS or metal-halide. The LED luminaire has a rated life of 100,000 hours L85, and the photocells have a rated life of 15 years, which means the luminaire lasts up to 5 times longer with a lower lumen depreciation than metal-halide and twice as long as high-pressure sodium products.

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