Pet Retailer Installs LEDs


Virginia pet retailer Care-A-Lot Pet Supply installed more than 200 indoor and outdoor LED luminaires and poles and digital controls in its new 20,000-sq-foot facility in Virginia Beach, Va.
A combination of LED lighting and controls work together to light the store with reduced energy usage. It is estimated the store will save $5,000 annually in energy costs compared to typical HID and fluorescent lamp sources.
Challenges included lighting a space and merchandise effectively with 30-foot-high-ceilings, as well as achieving optimum lighting and minimal glare for the aquarium displays. On the exterior, Care-A-Lot needed a solution to provide lighting in its large parking lot, while minimizing light pollution to the neighboring residential community.
RT5 volumetric recessed lighting fixtures integrated with ceiling and wall controls from Sensor Switch were installed in the veterinary exam rooms, kennel rooms, washrooms, offices, break rooms, hallways and restrooms. For aesthetics and energy savings, Care-A-Lot installed LED downlights as well as recessed LED luminaires to minimize glare on aquarium tanks.
On the exterior, LED luminaires help keep light within property lines to eliminate light spill and light pollution in the neighboring residential area.

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