In today’s global business setting, more companies than ever before are putting “triple bottom line” principles into a renewed and more robust practice as social media spreads and consumers are keeping track of which companies are responsible world citizens – and which are not. Being “green” is not just about recycling anymore. Eco-minded consumers expect that multi-national companies with global influence, all the way down to small businesses and local entrepreneurs, will practice solid stewardship of the Earth, engage in local community activism where the workers live, and ethically handle corporate money matters. As a result, businesses that invest in the paradigm shift enjoy larger competitive gain and increased brand recognition.

Green Lumens® LED retrofit solutions are all about helping your triple bottom line; People, Profits and Planet. Our LED lighting products provide a better work environment for your employees enhancing productivity, save energy and natural resources that supports good environmental stewardship and last but not least, enhance your financial bottom line through savings from lower energy costs and extended maintenance cycles. Savings from investments in sustainability pay for themselves.