True Sustainability Starts with Green Lumens LED Retrofit Programs:

A Green Lumens® LED retrofit system will lower your utility bills, bring more natural light to your facility, eliminate routine lighting maintenance while reducing your carbon footprint.

Green Lumens® surveys every lighting fixture, inside and outside; from the button on the elevator to the streetlights. We generate a comprehensive value proposition, fixture-by-fixture, identifying the energy consumption, maintenance and labor required to maintain your existing lighting, and create a detailed proposal identifying your ROI and Payback period resulting from a Green Lumens® LEDlighting retrofit.

With this data, we custom design a complete LED retrofit lighting plan specific to your facility and calculate your energy savings, your operating expense savings and sustainability gains. We also review any local incentives, tax breaks, or utility rebates that may be available to you and incorporate any incentives into the plan to ensure the greatest return on investment.

The Green Lumens Proven Process:

1. Onsite Facility Evaluation and Lighting Survey

To begin a project, Green Lumens® operations and client service team will visit your facility and perform a facility-wide lighting system survey. Every effort is made to inspect all property areas, as Green Lumens® will retrofit all of your existing lighting products. To produce the most accurate value proposition and retrofit proposal, we ascertain the following information:

  • Fixture, lamp type, manufacturer, quantity and a description of each location.
  • Hours of operation.
  • Heights, installation considerations, controls and/or sensors etc.
  • Review of the most recent utility bills (required to determine Kw-H rate and associated charges and fees.

2. LED Retrofit Project Analysis and Design

  • The information collected during the survey is now entered into Green Lumens® proprietary analysis software program. Green Lumens® operations and sales team begins designing and specifying your LED retrofit system. All possibilities are evaluated and the most cost effective and energy-efficient solution will then be developed and integrated into a proposal for your approval.

3. LED Detailed Proposal-Reduction In Energy, Maintenance and Carbon Footprint

  • We will develop a total cost of energy model which outlines expected energy and expense commitments, an analysis of projected maintenance and disposal expenses, our proposed reduction in energy consumption, the operating savings to be realized using LED technology, a comparison of current utility expenses versus projected LED utility expenses, a Return of Investment (ROI) for the project, a payback period and environmental impact analysis that outlines the positive impact to the environment by committing to a LED retrofit.
  • Green Lumens® generates an executive summary and a financial summary, a material list, and a purchase agreement for all our LED retrofits.
  • Green Lumens® will submit results of your proposed LED retrofit to your utility company to identify all available rebates to be applied to the project.

4. LED Retrofit Deployment

  • Once your contract to commence is executed, materials and labor will be committed to the project and the installation will be scheduled without business interruption.

5. Project Completion

Customer satisfaction is Green Lumens® first priority. Upon project completion, your client service representative will contact you to walk and review the completed project to ensure the LED retrofit meets expectations.

LED Retrofits and Warranty Service

  • Green Lumens® products are UL or ETL listed. Energy Star and/or DLC Qualified products are used to maximize utility company rebates. We offer best-in-class warranties and stand by them. In the unlikely event of a warranty or service claim, any potential concerns can and will be addressed promptly by your client service representative. You will not be left in the dark.

Let Green Lumens® lighting solutions help show you the way!