We don’t have the resources to hire people with the expertise that our market partners have and folks like Green Lumens help us to engage customers, help us to develop solutions for those customers, and then implement those jobs and then we will pay the customers’ incentives, which kind of offsets some of their costs and make it a better investment for customers with higher ROI and quicker payback period.

-David Popisil
Program Manager, Commercial & Industrial Energy Programs
Con Edison

40 W 57th Street ,our premier commercial property in Manhattan, moved to LED in an outdoor arcade area that extends from 56th to 57th St. One of the major reasons for doing LED there was not only for the power reduction, but also to reduce maintenance costs. Each time a lamp would go out we’d send someone out with a little bucket and go up and change that lamp. Green Lumens provided us with a turnkey solution with lamps that lasted 50,000 hours. This program resulted in tremendous savings from our electrical and maintenance expenses. 

-Jarred Rodriguez
Director of Energy
LeFrak Organization

Green Lumens LED Solutions has supported Tyco’s targeted 25% overall green emissions reduction by 2017 through retrofitting Tyco’s facility with LED bulbs both for the overhead light fixtures in our parking lot as well as the internal fixtures throughout the facility resulting in energy reduction and has allowed us to take the necessary steps to reduce our carbon footprint

-Paul Coulson
Tyco International

We’ve had the Green Lumens solutions here for a 12 month period and we’re able to go back from this time last year to this year and we’re seeing a 20% reduction in our electricity bills.  We estimate about a 3-year payback on the Green Lumens solution and given the remaining 14 years on our lease, that’s a very good return on our investment. The lighting is fabulous and air conditioning demand is less because these lights run a lot cooler.

-Steve Schleider
Metropolitan Valuation Services

I think Green Lumens lighting definitely enhances the colors of my products and shows the true color of my products  in a more comfortable environment. The savings that I’m getting on my bills every month are spectacular,  currently running at 40% savings. I think that the company is even more lit up than it was prior and it’s been a great job.

-Glenn Schlosberg
CEO Jump Design Group – Apparel Manufacturer
 Jump Apparel

Green Lumens was able to provide us with an LED Solution that had long life, so we could reduce our labor costs and keep the artwork lit at all times.

-Craig Grosby
Ivy Properties